Dave Green's Personal is a book of raw, vivid, immediate and sometimes witty photos that will transport you to the road, the street, the tavern - and sometimes the motel room too. These photos are tmospheric with cracked concrete and the sizzle of streetlamps, but just as compelling are the people: caught in moments of contemplation or joy, with a directness and immediacy that shine on the page.

Personal is more than a collection of photographs: this is what a life feels like.


From the City of Words

Metaphysical Dictionary
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Professor Connected
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You Call This Home
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City Colour
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DJOT - The Bookmark Planner

We were so busy reading we forgot to go to the book launch. And a new concept in planners was born... Now FREE with every Dumagrad order.

You Call This Home - Free Excerpt

In the first story from Joan Lane's collection, an impetuous young girl grows very cross as her parents ignore her while tending to her gravely ill sister.

Read it here, or download the free PDF.

What Was Called Home

The stories in Joan Lane's collection You Call This Home evoke emotions and yearnings as fresh as anything you'll find on Instagram, yet are set in times and places long gone. Here are some of the vanished people who might have inspired them, and the humble buildings of rural Saskatchewan in which they're set.

Dumagrad News

The Poet Is In

November 10, 2016

If you've ever visited Toronto's Kensington Market on a pedestrian Sunday, you may have spotted The Therapist Is In - or even had a quick $1 session with her. The therapist is also a poet - our own Svetlana Lilova, and her Metaphysical Dictionary is now in Kensington too: at knife | fork | book of course, the fantastic new poetry bookshop.

Interview with Svetlana at Canthius

May 28, 2016

Wondering how author Svetlana Lilova feels about the illustrations in her Metaphysical Dictionary? Cira Nickel teases out this, and so much more, in an interview at Canthius, the excellent new literary magazine.

Dumagrad at All Book City Locations

February 13, 2016

Dumagrad Books are now available at all four locations of the fabulous Book City in Toronto.

City Colour at Curry's

December 14, 2015

City Colour, our collection of 16 black & white postcards, is now available at all 11 locations of the wonderful Curry's chain of art supply stores.

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