For, By, and About a Ballard Fanatic

Apr 23 2015

The One About the Ballard Fanatic, a short story by David Hull, will be available for a limited time as a free PDF at Dumagrad. About it, the author says:

Here's a story I wrote in about 2006. I wasn't sure what to do with it: it is not [spoiler alert] science fiction; but it presumes that the reader is quite familiar with JG Ballard. Of course, Ballard should hardly be ghetto-ized as a sci-fi author... What's that you say? There's no shame in the sci-fi so-called ghetto? And you get angry at people who think the way to grant respect to an author is to pull him from his genre, rather than put the arbiters of these things into the genre?

You. You're the reader I was looking for.

You can read an excerpt right here.

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