Dave Green's Personal is a book of raw, vivid, immediate and sometimes witty photos that will transport you to the road, the street, the tavern - and sometimes the motel room too. These photos are tmospheric with cracked concrete and the sizzle of streetlamps, but just as compelling are the people: caught in moments of contemplation or joy, with a directness and immediacy that shine on the page.

Personal is more than a collection of photographs: this is what a life feels like.

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This is a book of contrasts, the tension in the dialogue a whisper. Look here: youthful lust and yearning, women and lovers juxtaposed with landscapes busted and stripped down. Lust is a counterpoint to dilapidation. The tang of tungsten light in cavernous bars and then a street lamp, suddenly a votive light in a night sky over lovers like some crazy benediction. As if there was hope...

If there is a reckoning, it is on the road. The photographer/passenger, the night and a beautiful woman at the wheel; a motorcyclist with a life garbage-bagged and strapped to the saddle of his BSA, maybe in flight. A bleak stretch of road ahead, road the arbiter. Love goes but the road always stays. Road, the redeemer.

- from the introduction, by LP Farrell

128 pages with 102 plates, offset printed on 100# HannoArt Silk, plus personal notes by the photographer.

Content note: possibly NSFW, mild nudity.


Dave Green vividly juxtaposes textures and moods in his pictures, arousing an emotional response whether from the nude stills, diverse faces or simply a cemetery where a crippled old man comes face to face with death. A major achievement for this artist.

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Dave Green

Dave Green is a Toronto-based photographer. His personal documentary work has been shown in Toronto and Vancouver. Personal selects some of his most vibrant shots from the past 35 years.

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Nov 12 2016
128 pages
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102 plates on 100# HannoArt Silk + 16 pages of notes

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